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I provide a safe, confidential, regular time and space in which I will support you to share, explore, understand and bring about change. My therapeutic approach is very relational and informed by psychodynamic theory, attachment theory and research, developmental neuroscience and relational psychoanalysis.  


I am most concerned with understanding, nurturing and developing a secure and strong therapeutic relationship with individuals I see. I believe that this provides a necessary foundation from which personal growth and change can begin to occur. Research consistently shows that the quality of the therapeutic relationship has a closer link to therapeutic movement than the specific type of counselling approach chosen. I am committed to exploring each individual’s unique experience and I meet with each person as a fellow human being rather than a patient. I avoid labelling people in ways that are unhelpful and I do not believe in a quick fix, one size fits all approach. I am committed to making long-term therapy available to members of the public which is beyond the remit of the NHS.


I mainly see people face to face. However I also offer telephone and Skype sessions for those who are further afield.



Tel: 020 3172 9373   Mob: 07588612410   Email: [email protected]